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Checklist for Providers

You are interested in Spinneroos but are unsure what's involved? The below list will help you to understand the process, from an initial internal meeting with your team through to the day prior to the delivery.

Internal pre-program meeting

Arrange a meeting with the board/committee and other key people who are responsible for club and junior development. Discuss the Spinneroos program and decide whether your club could benefit from the program and define the plan moving forward.

Choose the team

Who will coordinate the program and be the point-of-contact for TTA? Who will deliver the sessions? What additional qualifications need to be attained, e.g. Working with Children Check; Spinneroos Online Coaching Course etc.

Select a location, Start date and time

For most providers the location of choice is the general club centre. However, you may choose to run Spinneroos at a school or local community hall.

We recommend doing some research about the behaviour of children in your area, e.g. When does school finish? When is the hall available?

Set program costs

Table Tennis Australia recommends a registration fee of $120.00 for new participants and $95.00 for returning participants. Based on this fee structure, $70.00 per participant goes to the club. However, you may choose to charge a higher or lower price which would affect your revenue.

Register your program

Register your interest HERE. We will be in touch with you with additional information.

State & Territory Association Assistance

Talk to your point-of-contact in your State & Territory to discuss how they can support your Spinneroos program.

Market your program

TTA provides a full marketing toolbox to program providers which includes pre-designed banners, posters and flyers as well as pre-written emails and press-releases.

  • Email schools and club members
  • Contact the local newspaper for 1-2 press releases
  • Run promotional teaser sessions in local schools and community groups
  • Run social media posts frequently and encourage members to share the posts

  Prepare your team

  • Engage helpers where possible. While Table Tennis Australia suggest a 1:10 coach to participant ratio it may be worthwhile to explore an assistant who can support with set up/ pack up and supervision of younger children
  • Ensure your Head Coach went through the Spinneroos Online Coaching Course
  • Ensure all people involved have a current Working with Children Check

Familiarise yourself with the equipment

Table Tennis Australia will send you a program provider package with equipment to deliver the Spinneroos program. In addition to the pack, we suggest to have spare bats available as well as ~50 table tennis balls.

Check your facility

Presentation is everything. Ensure your facility is clean, safe and easily accessible. Please also check that your First Aid Kit is complete and not out-of-date.

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