Spinneroos – Bounce into Table Tennis was designed and developed through support from Sport Australia, Table Tennis England, ACHPER and all Member Associations of Table Tennis Australia. The program activities are designed for children under the age of 10 in clubs, schools and Childcare Centres but can easily be adapted to any organisation working with children and youth.

While acquiring technical table tennis skills is an important factor, Spinneroos aims to provide a holistic approach in the development of the child, which includes:

  • Engaging the child in regular movement-based experiences that foster a positive relationship to an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • Providing opportunities to develop and apply personal and emotional strategies to promote a sense of well-being and identity that ultimately lead to respectful relationships; and
  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment in which the child plays an active role to maintain and further develop a socially positive experience for themselves and all other participants involved.

In Spinneroos we apply elements related to the ‘Game Sense Approach’ and Sport Australia’s ‘Physical Literacy Framework’. Further, the education resources of this program were developed in conjunction with ACHPER (SA).

Sporting Schools

Table Tennis Australia is pleased to partner with Sport Australia to deliver the $240 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport.

Primary schools are eligible to apply for funding to deliver sport before, during or after school. Click here for more information about the Sporting Schools Program.

Whether you’re looking for a fun sport to develop key skills that can be played in the classroom or wanting to take on table tennis as a main part of your school’s sports curriculum, Table Tennis Australia’s Spinneroos Program is ideal.

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